We help you derive actionable business intelligence from data.

Big Data, small data, structured data, semi-structured data, unstructured data…whatever the size and shape of your data assets, they are useless if you can’t find meaning in them.

Whether your data are stored in relational databases, Hadoop clusters, a Data Warehouse, spreadsheets, or even ‘locked’ in PDFs, text files, multimedia, and Word documents, we can help you get the answers you need from them, when you need them.

We give you Visibility into your data so you can make business critical decisions.

“Big Data” as a term has taken the enterprise world by storm, but is widely misunderstood. As Edd Dumbill of O’Reilly Media put it, “Big data is data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, or doesn’t fit the structures of your database architectures. To gain value from this data, you must choose an alternative way to process it.”

Edd’s definition hits on the “three V’s,” Volume, Variety, and Velocity of big data that are often explored when an organization decides to tackle their data challenges.

At Smart Data Consultants, we believe that until you get Visibility into your data assets; until you have a clear view of what data you have, where they are coming from, when and how they are upated, who are the people involved in entering and managing the data…until you have this kind of visibility, you can’t begin to make intelligent decisions.

Smart Data solutions help with this. We specialize in standards-based semantic technologies that provide:

  • Data integration of varied, disparate data without disrupting workflows
  • Flexible data modeling that allows for changing requirements, and iterative, agile development
  • Reduced development time and costs
  • Tracking of data provenance so you know the sources of data assets

Our team has decades of experience with data of all sizes and varieties and we can help you integrate your data assets and leverage the knowledge locked within. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your data difficulties and leverage those assets for new opportunities.